Tue. Aug 20th, 2019

The world’s number 1 deodorant ‘Degree’ forms a partnership with Blue Zones for providing cities with opportunities to encourage the movement among the residents

degree deodorant

With the continuously getting faster world around us, we appear to have slowed down. More than 60% of the population today label their behavior as ‘slightly active’ or inactive, and 73% confess that there is a need for them to increase their pace and moving more. The reason behind the inactivity in physical activities can be due to the factors like technology habits, job types or the local environment. But, the most troublesome is the fact that the inactive lifestyle may have a negative impact on physical health as well as the mental well-being of an individual.

The Vice President of the Unilever Deodorants, Dawn Hedgepeth passed the following statement: “At Degree, our team and products are guided by the saying, ‘the more you move, the more you live.’ We develop deodorants that react directly to movement so people can stay fresher, longer and push a bit further today than yesterday. We’re thrilled to put our purpose of helping people move more into action through partnerships and programs that share our passion for movement and deliver on our ultimate goal to help people improve their health and well-being.”

The founder of Blue Zones as well as the National Geographic Fellow, Dan Buettner passed the following statement: “The longest-lived people in the world live in environments that nudge them into movement every 20 minutes. In our community transformation work, we help optimize city streets, sidewalks, and public spaces so that residents can move more, socialize more and live longer and better. We’re so happy to have partnered with Degree on this grants initiative so that more cities can become more walkable, bikeable and livable. These lasting changes will encourage daily movement for both current and future generations for many years to come.”