Mon. Sep 16th, 2019

This factory in India is turning two million plastic bottles into yarn for making shoes

Various industrial sectors are coming up with solutions to tackle the problem of plastic. Environmental experts believe by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than the number of fish.

Among many factories, the sportswear industry is implementing innovative solutions to convert plastic waste into raw materials for shoes and clothes.

Polygenta Technologies Limited, a Mumbai based factory in India is designing shoes, T-shirts, among others to deal with the problem of plastic. The factory manages to achieve this aim by turning two million plastic bottles into yarn every day.

According to Makarand Kulkarni, the polyester can be used for all types of application. The product from this factory is supplied not only for sportswear, but also for outerwear and for home textiles, as well as for ladies apparels.

According to the news sources, Adidas is one of the brands that has switched to upcycled materials. The sports brand has pledged to use only recycled thread by 2024.

Manish Sapra, “The youth today and the consumer today is more aware of these things and wants to connect with brands that can help them make a difference to the world at a larger scale.”

Adidas has made five million pairs of shoes from plastic waste in 2018. Sapra adds that it is not only a marketing gimmick by the brand, although marketing is part of the project, the company is also trying to gain consumers, and to inspire consumer loyalty.

India generates about 26,000 tonnes of plastic waste every day.  In the coming years, more brands are expected to switch to recycled products in order to help tackle the plastic problem.