Tue. Aug 20th, 2019

To give complimentary lessons to children who are facing life-threatening challenges, My Tutor Lab partners up with Fighting All Monsters

A teaching technology company which connects students with qualified tutors for person-to-person private sessions, My Tutor Lab, made a delightful announcement today about its partnership with a non-profit organization which targets families which are going through tough and life-threatening challenges to support them, Fighting All Monsters (FAM). Via this partnership, My Tutor Lab will commence offering free of charge teaching lessons to FAM Families all across Florida.

The Co-founder & COO of My Tutor Lab, Alexia Mezzini stated: “We are ecstatic and honored to support a well-deserving organization like FAM. Our company was founded by a team of individuals who are passionate about education, and we understand how significant it is to have access to receiving one. Without question, education is a necessity and it is our hope that the launch of this partnership is a step in the right direction to ensure children are educated throughout their life stages, regardless of their current yet unfortunate circumstances.”

Where the majority of the children in the FAM program are not able to get enrolled in school systems be it be private or public for different reasons, the most dominant fear is that this makes them vulnerable to other illnesses which can lead to a decline in their health. But, a bigger problem follows; it is not just the children who are facing life-threating conditions who get affected, but also their siblings get impacted and this leads to them falling behind.

Haley Lindahl, FAM’s Chief Branding and Content Manager stated: “We feel fortunate that an organization like My Tutor Lab is willing to donate their time and resources to our organization. Their support and generosity will help FAM continue to help bring some happiness and relief to those who are struggling, and we look forward to seeing all that we can accomplish together.”