Mon. Sep 16th, 2019

To inspire parents to go out for a hike, Hike It Baby & Merrell form a partnership

Hike It Baby

A joint venture by Hike It Baby and Merrell for encouraging parents and children to go out and explore the outdoors results in them forming a partnership. They announced this alliance which had a duration of two years. The tools, resources, and gears which families need for any hike will be provided by them. With the help of this partnership, Hike it Baby and Merrell will establish programs for both type of families; an experienced one who have already done hiking before & those who are totally new to hiking, so that they can inspire them to explore outdoors and demonstrate how convenient and fun it is for families with little kids to go hiking.

The President of Kids Group of Wolverine Worldwide, Bernie Del Priore passed the following statement: “Hike it Baby is an organization we’ve admired for some time, therefore joining forces around a shared passion for getting families to hit the trail made so much sense, and will enable us to better outfit and support trailblazing little ones. We’re looking forward to embarking on this adventure with Hike it Baby, helping parents and children connect outdoors, ultimately spurring a lifelong love and appreciation for nature.”

The founder of Hike it Baby, Shanti Hodges who happens to be a journalist, mama, and a writer too, said:

“Merrell is a brand that is already beloved by many of the families in the Hike it Baby community and we’re thrilled to work with a trusted partner that will enable us to improve and extend the services we provide to families. Through the partnership, we’ll offer our community more content and opportunities to connect, and work with Merrell on design, testing, and development of its kids’ footwear collection.”