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Published On 29 Apr 2022 01:49 PM


Hope is a very strong word, it can either mend or break. Same can be said about music, as it indeed has power to change people’s lives. While there are many who either make music out of love or for the sake of living, but somewhere in between there are those who are actually mad about it. They say if you are destined to cross path with someone, then nothing can come in its way. Same can be said for Yash and Ritwik, the musical duo known as TSNR, which is driving the music industry crazy with their foot-tapping soundtracks. The association which started out of passion soon turned into professional as they were driven by sole thought of creating some mind-boggling music.

Unlike other musicians, who want to make some soul-touching music, TSNR have always felt that if your music can make one happy then you are indeed making the right kind of music. They feel to grow, one has to be sorted and this is exactly what TSNR means ‘Too Sorted & Rise’. Opting music as full-time profession was tough call for both of them and they are extremely proud of it. TSNR are of opinion that if one believes in something they should leave no stone unturned to get towards it.

With a simple thought of bringing smiles to millions with the help of their music, these two Pune boys have managed to make a name for themselves. Today, TSNR is a highly popular in the musical circuit of several cities. The impact these two have created through their music is unprecedented and the magic can be literally felt every these two musical brothers step to perform.

The journey that started with a small gig went international in no time as the duo mesmerized the London on their debut performance. It is still considered as their one of the best performances. To cheer up the world which was recovering from the dreadful COVID-19 pandemic, the TSNR had performed at Sunburn holi weekend last year in Goa. The duo excelled at their chance to perform alongside another musical sensation and poster boy of Indian pop culture, Ritviz. Meanwhile performances with Nucleya, and Anish Sood are still cherished by their listeners.

Can’t say penultimate but the big moment for TSNR came in the form of Marathi movie ‘Mantr’ produced by one of the biggest production houses in the country, Zee. ‘Mantr Fusion’ by TSNR, a foot-tapping track was received excellently by the listeners and will remain special for the duo.

Not just live shows, the TSNR have also released couple of independent soundtracks and their latest release ‘High Level’ which is being played on all music platforms like YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music is treat for years. This new track definitely guarantees some rise in dopamine-levels.

Making music is continuous process and this is exactly why on professional front, the TSNR are managed by AG Agency owned by Alakh Gada. AG Agency ensures TSNR doesn’t have to spend their creative energy on anything which is not musical.

While it is always said that music can move mountains, but sometimes it is just about getting the vibe right and this is what drives the TSNR.

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