Tue. Aug 20th, 2019

Vital Insights from the ‘2019 Food on Demand study’ unveiled

food on demand using app

The CEO of Mystery Shopping Company ‘SeeLevel HX’ as well as of market research, Lisa Van Keteren, revealed the vital insights for food delivery applications and restaurants lately at the 2019 Food on Demand Conference. The results were shared by the panel-mate of Van Kesteren, Bite Squad and she herself in a crowded session.

Van Kesteren stated: “From which FOD apps are currently on top, to the key factors driving customers to those apps and more, the 2019 Food on Demand Study revealed crucial information for industry leaders. The study challenged restaurant executives to consider whether or not the FOD apps they use are effectively maintaining their brand reputations and left food delivery executives with key drivers to win customer loyalty.”

The Second Annual Food on-demand conference was exclusively devoted to the third-party delivery market and to the mobile ordering market. It hosted a substantial number of food service & experts from market research as well on the 1st and 2nd April in Chicago. In the workshops and packed-out session, several topics were covered which included food delivery, technology, and mobile ordering.

Kesteren added on: “What a pleasure it was to sit on a panel with foodservice experts for the second year in a row. I always look forward to the opportunity to offer the latest customer trends and network with key leaders in the industry.”

SeeLevel HX is a multinational agency which focuses on customer experience and is well known for being a mystery shopping company. It has employees in almost every single time zone and nearly 650 thousand contractors in its database. The agency supports premier brands improving their customer experience all over the channels by spotting millions of data points yearly.

To learn more about the raw data files and presentation of 2019 Food on Demand Study, visit the site: www.seelevelhx.com/2019-food-on-demand.