Sun. Jul 21st, 2019

Weekend Unlimited declares their executive appointments

Operations Generation lead, Ese Roberts and the Revenue generation lead, Clint Pyatt were to serve for the company at their new positions.

Weekend Unlimited Incorporation has announced in a pleasant way the following executive appointments, Mr. Ese Roberts, Director of Operations, and Mr. Clint Pyatt, Director of Revenue Generation.

President and CEO of the Weekend Unlimited, Mr. Paul Chu stated that

“The Company is advancing quickly as it integrates the teams, infrastructure, production, overall product mix and development from its strategic acquisitions. It is imperative that we have strong leadership for operations and revenue generation. Ese and Clint bring a wealth of experience that will be focused upon, sales and operations,”

Ese Roberts is a first-generation Samoan-American businessperson who works at the California state as an engineering contractor with wide knowledge of cultivators as well as extractors in the cannabis market and the hemp space. This involves acquisition of property, initial design, authorizing and final tenant enhancements which are necessary to issue the cannabis CUP and the certificate for the occupancy. The experience of Ese in the hemp and cannabis industry also comprises of the succeeding roles, Chief Executive Officer of 333 Custom Spectrum Incorporation (LA allowable hemp extractor/producer), the General Secretary Manager for the as well as the Canna Candy’s President.

The Director of their Revenue Generation, Clint Pyatt possess over around 8 years of extensive experience of being at work in the cannabis and hemp markets. The experience of Clint Pyatt includes the plan, change and execution of being this business that involves manufacturing, extracting and deliverance of this cannabis to around 8 states.

Mr. Paul Chu added that “Weekend’s brand portfolio is about more than products; the team we are building is essential to our strategy and achieving our goal set. We are accelerating the integration of our brands with collaborative teams coming together under the right leadership. With recent appointments of Karl Schmieder and Tom Wisniewski, and now Ese and Clint, we can manage each subsidiary and harmonize the overall Company to leverage assets, including talent, so that we can maximize brand development, production and sales in multiple markets,”