Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

What should African businesses know about the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry African

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry is a non-profit organization which provided support to the business community in Dubai for over fifty years. The organization has watched the city flourish from a trade & logistics gateway between the United Arab Emirates and Africa to a financial investment hub which offers appealing returns on investment for businesses who want to enter into the United Arab Emirates market.

Rami Halawani, the director of marketing & corporate communication at Dubai Chamber stated that we were given a task to look at Africa in a systemic & structured way, part of which meant developing a strategy which would drive out perceptions about doing business in Africa. We made use of data obtained from our research & other institutions to amass a tool which gives an in-depth look at what is going on in the biggest economies of Africa.

The chamber utilized this information for the opening of regional offices in various other countries. It has also developed the Africa Gateway Smart App, which is a free application & website that offers access to African investment opportunities. The platform facilitates potential investors with everything required to set up a business in Africa.

Many reports have cited the way Africa has an edge of a young population in the future. Young people are responsible for many political, social, and technology changes which the continent has witnessed so far. The Dubai Chamber understands the challenges and limitations that young people face back home.

Currently, the Chamber nurtures upcoming businesses in Dubai via the Start-Up Hub, an accelerator program where the chamber targets to connect new businesses with knowledge, access, and partnerships with firms in the city. The initiative is now open to African startups who are redefining business using impressive solutions.