Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

Significance of novel technology highlighted by the UAE at the World Economic Forum

The government of United Arab Emirates took part in twelve key sessions of the World Economic Forum (WEF) which was held in Dalian, China, in the presence of over 1,900 entrepreneurs, government officials, and researchers over 100 countries.

The Forum, held under the title ‘Leadership 4.0: Succeeding in a New Era of Globalisation’, highlights an extensive number of topics inclusive of government’s role in keeping in touch with new technologies which emerge with the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).

The United Arab Emirates delegation shared its leading experience in shaping a global infrastructure of the 4th Industrial Revolution technologies. It also underscored its commitment to employing future technologies for the service of people and their future.

Doctor Ahmad Bin Abdullah Al Falasi, also Co-Chair of the current World Economic Forum, as well as, the Minister of State for Higher Education & Advanced Skills, participated in the press conference.

Doctor Al Falasi stated the government of the United Arab Emirates has pioneered the establishment of human capital and have directed the national cadre towards future skills so that the expected changes in the labor market can be adapted, transformation in the challenges into opportunities can be brought, and that future generation can be equipped with the highest scientific and professional standards.

Hessa Essa Buhumaid, Minister of Community Development said the United Arab Emirates has introduced initiatives for exploiting the technology for the community’s service and to provide customized services in the future, that will sharply improve the way of living & make everything from education to transport to health not only more efficient but also sustainable.

Take the example of Blockchain technology, for example, it will help both the public and the government to save time, resources, as well as effort to facilitate the process of the users’ transactions at the time and place that suit their lifestyle and work, Buhurmaid said.